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iPod upgrade!

It’s probably late. But I’ve decided to upgrade my iPod to the latest version and disregard jailbreak for now. I want to try how to live without it for once although it’ll probably tough because I’ve been used to the tweaks and fun stuff Cydia offers. I didn’t make a list either as there were some I didn’t want to be installed again, usually, I install too much lol. I wish Cydia would make a ‘paid’ section for you to find out tweaks you’ve bought so far (I can’t remember if there’s any anymore as I haven’t touched my iPod that much either)

I also wanted to upgrade so I can finally sync songs because I need music in my life! I haven’t been listening to music making me be tensed most of the times, lack of relaxation or so. It’s the best alternative while I cannot get guitar kits from musicians friend and can’t play the guitar, oh my poor guitar!

If this was the iPhone 5

Sarcasm is mostly famous today. Recently, many mocked the newest Apple iPhone (iPhone 5) because of the minimal changes it did do with the earlier version. Then again, how’d we know unless we try?

iPhone 5, yes?

iPhone 5, yes?

Of course, this one above isn’t the iPhone 5 but a mere joke by some interweb lurkers. Kind of fascinating though since somehow, the new iPhone is indeed this long.

Aside from the iPhone 5, colorful iPod touch 5 has been released  along with the new iPod nano. What will be the next move? Rumor is, iPad Mini is coming out as well soon. If so, let’s hope it wouldn’t be costly.

credits: advanced-hindsight.com

iPad or Mac?

Over the past few days, these two has been battling on my mind. Which would you prefer to have, iPad or Mac?

iPad vs Mac

iPad vs Mac

I already own an iPod, not very much wanting an iPhone 4S since there isn’t much difference except for Siri and the camera mega pixels. And now that I can have one of them, I must choose.

Having an i pad makes you really different  – I’m eyeing the new iPad (iPad 3) however, it’s pretty much out of my budget. I could get it by post paid plan but then again, it might take me forever to pay for that.

And if I choose Mac as a web designer and a multimedia artist-wannabe, I’d get all the pros. According to a friend it’s powerful when it comes to all multimedia prospects.

So, what will it be? I feel so confused.

Just totally random.

I haven’t blogged much, but at the back of my mind I have been wanting to blog about so many techy things I have experienced and that have happened – since I finally had my iPod, my Android Phone and my dream phone Nokia X5; even with my awesome Nokia X6! Either way, I have to put them aside for now even if I want to blog so badly because I need to do other things first for my future, you get what I mean.

But even so, I still think about random stuff. Like diet pills, because a friend has been telling me about this medication she’s taking that is helping her slim down. I wonder if it’s true? Oh well! Why not try? Haha, when I get money lols. I’m sleepy too now, I slept 5 am because of writing notes and also doing an assignment. Overall, it was worth it because I understood our lessons. Except that I didn’t managed to do so good in our practical test, I think all of us haven’t at all lol.