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What did you get for Christmas?

While I was pretty much MIA these Christmas days, I got many unexpected gifts. Of course, gadgets. I bet the same goes for others too. So, what did you get this Christmas?

Mac Book Air!

Mac Book Air!

I got a Mac Book Air 13’3 2012 from dad and mom. I added some amount of money to since I’d feel bad if they spent so much for me. So far I’m loving this baby, but I haven’t used it much since I don’t have much time these days. But on weekends, the fun happens.

Coby MID 7048-G

Coby MID 7048-G

Coby MID 7048-G is an android tablet my boyfriend gave to me. It’s easy to bring with me and it keeps me company whenever on my way home at the FX. I love playing games here too, it’s a bit sad some games won’t work though but I really like this little dude and its great with reading eBooks as well.

I didn’t really expect I’d get these stuff but I guess I was a good girl this 2012. Heehee. So, how about you? 🙂

I hope I can somehow write reviews on this and my other babies I haven’t posted about! I had so much going on my life I’ve been disconnected to online world lately. So sorry.

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Silly me. I actually got my Pinterest invite last December 2011 but I didn’t get to finish the registration. I recall, those were the days my mind was floating and away from ze internet wilderness other than finally getting a Blackberry phone! Heehee. Or maybe I forgot…I don’t know. Nevertheless, I registered again because I recently downloaded their application on my iOS device.


Pinterest invite, ages ago.

Pinterest invite, ages ago.

I believe there are many users of Pinterest now, I even heard some are making money out of it like in blogs. Neat, but I won’t be betting on getting hooked on it much. Instagram is enough for now.. heehee.

Do you Instagr.am?

Many have been fuzzing about Instagram being available in Android (soon – I think). Now I shall share my part, I too am excited! I was not able to experience Molome because when I heard about it on Android, I failed to download! Grr!

Instagram, soon on Android!

Instagram, soon on Android!

But anyway, I am using Pixlr-o-matic (also available on iDevice) yet the experience of Instagram is still the best! Even if I only own an iPod, with not so good camera quality, I update my Instagram so often.

I first heard about Instagram from Jynxed Panda (a friend in twitter and blogger friend :]) She doesn’t know it was her who informed me about it of course, that was about last year. Then when I got my iPod last year July, I made it a point to have it on my apps to download the very first day I got it!

What I usually do now is send my pictures to my iCloud email from either my pc, my Blackberry or any device I took my pictures with so they’d have better quality.

Instagram rocks because of the so many users to interact with, the fun photo effects that makes pictures more artistic in a way that you wouldn’t really need a DLSR anymore, agree? 😛 And when you have loads of cute pictures, you might want to try Stitchagram!

Some of my Instagrammed pictures are over my Tumblr blog. My username there is twinkleddd, follow me and I’ll follow you :”>