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My other new host: Network Panda

Despite the fact that I own my own reseller accounts, I still choose to host some of my sites to other hosts because I want to avoid the headache of having to suffer when you have all your sites in one host. Thus also the reason my reseller hosting accounts resides in different servers, I really research on my hosting providers and when I’ve felt the ‘hunch’ I give them ago. So far, with shared hosting sites I haven’t had much of problems.

But I’m going to transfer in a bit to a new host from my beloved Zyma. If you must all know, I’ve been with them quite some time now and I host there some personal websites. However, their renewal for the hosting is quite out of my reach. So, I’ve been hunting down alternatives at WebHostingTalk as usual.

There are many offers, Crocweb, HawkHost, Geekstorage, StableHost – which I all want to try, however, they have this sort of contract thing that even if you pay monthly your account needs to be there for three years and if not they require making a call which I’m don’t particularly like (this is with StableHost) but I know these are good companies.So I went on for days until I found a post by Network Panda.

Please don’t laugh when you find out that one of the reasons I chose them is because I remembered my best friend who was a fan of pandas. But anyway, so far, my beginning is great with them and I hope it will go on and on.

I saw their host IPs as well posted over their thread so I tested which went good with my ISP and voila, I made the right choice! Thing is, it instantly propagated on my end unlike with my resellers and I also got to install WordPress smoothly. Yay for me. Now I just need to do my back-ups and restorations by tomorrow, I’m going to put up one of my busy sites there as it has a really good plan for bandwidth and the diskspace is also just as good.

So, this is to a new adventure here and I hope Network Panda and my sites will be friends for a long time 🙂


Hey June, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song, to make it better.
Remember, to let her into your heart. Then you can start, to make it better.

Hi guys, it’s June! Oh wow, I can’t believe this blog is about 6 or 8 months I think. Time does fly. Anyway, disregard the song but it’s based on the song “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. I heard issues about them via twitter about finally having them on iTunes, yet there were some asking, “Who are the Beatles?” I loled. I guess those were the people in the younger years than me, I’m a ’90s kid but I do however love some old songs that my parents introduced me to.

For another, I relate the song to myself because crappy Volumedrive still hasn’t given me my VPS since May 25th(when I ordered) now they email me claiming it has been sent. I was like (DUH?!) They say check spam but nothing is on my spam. On contrary, my Yahoo! email account rarely has spams, don’t know why. Some however pass through and get to my inbox. But at most, I get emails. Sometimes I don’t (which why I prefer Gmail)

Anyway, I just thought I had to make an update because it’s June!

Godaddy Domain Promo

Just purchased a .com extension for my hosting website because I will be using the .net for other purposes 🙂 So if you guys are in need/wanting to have a new domain but don’t enough money to buy, don’t worry!


The code works for the following TLD domains, .COM, .US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN but does not work on renewals and transfers (sadly)

I was planning to buy the .com extension so I checked out my source of Godaddy coupons and it’s awesome to finally have the $1 domain available! In total, you’ll have to pay $1.47 (with ICANN fee)

You can only pay via Credit Card or any VISA Card (Paypal not allowed). Hope there will be another one next month which will be available for transfer 🙂