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Google, now under Alphabet Inc.

It was announced that Google is now under another company, named Alphabet Inc. which is also owned by the founder of  Google Inc., Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Although new, Alphabet Inc. owns different brands under it, other than Google.

G is for Google

G is for Google

Google will operate just the same along with its service, so no worries with that if you though about it! Aside from this news, .xyz has also been introduced. Namecheap is currently have it at $1. Not sure if only for today but it would be cool to have a .xyz domain right?

Find out more at abc.xyz

3 Reasons why you should use Gmail Contacts Sync

Last few days, I was suddenly obsessed on organizing all contacts on my Android phone, Lime. The reason was because  had mishaps with it once that I had to re-flash my rom. That would of course mean wiping out everything. Knowing the lazy girl I am, you’d bet and yes, I don’t back up my contacts! The thing is before I had a smart phone, I had them on my sim cards. But now, I don’t anymore due to my lack of interest and since I don’t use it much anymore to sms anyone or call. In fact, my only reason are the applications, the awesome tweaks and learning Android environment. Yet lately, I had the feeling of wanting it fixed because of my coming birthday perhaps, as well as my graduation. I wanted to re-connect with some old friends and my relatives too. So I decided, it’s time to be organized – I already knew about Google Sync before; Why didn’t I use it before, I told myself.

So to start, I really worked hard on organizing everything. In one of my gmail accounts, I deleted EVERY uneccessary contact. Then I started from letter A. Of course, I copied what was in my sim card. I made sure there were also individual pictures because it makes your phone book hip! Really!

Contacts in Gmail

My organized Contacts in Gmail, last names blurred for obvious reasons 😛

I really, threw in so much effort! I asked some of my friends and relatives in Facebook for their contact numbers. Then, it was time to Google sync, so voila!

Contacts Synced!

Contacts Synced!

Not only did I sync it on my dear Lime (Samsung Galaxy Mini), I also synced it to my Jet (Blackberry 9790), Apple (Nokia X6 – but not in picture), Strawberry (Nokia X5) and Klapaucius (iPod touch) as soon on these pictures! Because I tell you I was so obsessed I researched. Now saving contacts is easier and faster because vice versa, if I update any of these phones, it will be saved on my Gmail contacts, then so, every phone and gadget will get all contacts. I can email my friends anytime easily without having to remember and ask his or her email, and also sms them. I’ve been wanting to sms people lately too.

This shows why Gmail contacts is amazing and also if you sync it. I don’t know if the same goes with Yahoo! or other email services, but to me this is really handy and easy to do.

So in summary, here are the 3 reasons why you should use Gmail Contacts Sync:

  1. It organizes your contacts.
  2. It is easier to save contacts, if you are lazy, you can even save contacts with your computer since it’s on your Gmail account.
  3. It saves time and makes contacting other people better than ever!

Up to now, I am amazed that I was able to sync all my thingy majies and how I am able to use them properly. After all, what is a phone and gadget without saved contacts? It’s not all the games and applications all the time, it’s the feature of being able to keep in touch with the people in your life as well 🙂

In my next posts or maybe just so, I will post the tutorials on how to sync Nokia, Blackberry, iOS and Android gadgets to your gmail contacts 🙂

Sorry for being random.

So much for my dedicated ips, so much for my happiness that I can relax for days after finally getting graduation stuff done – well, sorry for being random for now.

I’m supposed to be posting NOT-SO-RANDOM-TECH-STUFF here I know but I just can’t contain my madness anymore. My other host, which were I used to host this site, wherein I also purchased LOTS of dedicated IPS just went nuts. And how’d that made me feel? It’s turmoil!

Oh well, what choice do I have. I don’t even bother even if they get to read this. My only problem to where I moved it is that it’s pretty slow, I’ll transfer it later to the other server. My major goal is to make sure my cPanel accounts of my important blogs are okay then I shall move them out. I should look for another host too, seeing as what happened to me isn’t very likable. I assumed everything was-oh-so-fine.

I’ll have to back posts some of my posts, thank you Google and good thing I’ve saved my images here in my net book. It will eat my time though I’m wasting time here again doing this again and again. JUST, REALLY. I CAN’T EVEN..I hate it so much.

I’ll help my clients then later, I’m not so convinced about my other host saying they are restoring accounts. I think they’re just watching our eyes pop out til death of waiting for our sites to be as they were. So much for my plans =( I hope graduation stuff won’t be next week, be moved oh please~!

5 Wonders of Google that amaze me

There are many reasons why I love Google. But today, I will at least give 5 wonders of google that amaze me. So timely, I’m currently organizing my contacts which is synced to my Android phone, which I will also sync to my iTouch and Blackberry phone.

1. Search Engine, Page Rank,Google Adsense

I discovered a lot of things because of Google’s ever powerful search engine. I know Yahoo! Search Engine existed earlier than it did but when my mom told me Google gives better information back then when I was young, there was something that really made me trust Google compared to it. Other than it’s job giving you information, page rank exists to let you know which sites are trust worthy and also, make money out of it. Not to forget Google Adsense is also here that leads you to other potential websites of relevant topics, also bring a huge money for SEO practitioners.

2. Gmail, Gtalk

Okay, it doesn’t mean I don’t love my Yahoo! email but admit it – Gmail has so much greater use than Yahoo’s email. It’s more user friendly, and right now, I am loving the option to sync contacts. I wish I did this before earlier. The Gtalk is also nice, I don’t use Yahoo! Messenger as much as before too. Other than that, I can also connect my domain emails through it with a little tweak in the settings, and as well as use them as emails whenever I want to, just as long as they’re set as aliases.

3. Google+

I’m not a fan of this feature much, in fact I’ve been deleting all my Google+ accounts. What my plan actually is to create a new one formally (I had to many active accounts!) The features are awesome though, especially because it also has web conferencing that’s very useful for people who want to keep in touch even if they’re apart from one another with no need of installing a standalone software and open it all the time (referring to Skype)

4. Google Chrome

I used to be more of a Mozilla Firefox fan but after awhile I started using Google Chrome more compared to it. So now, it’s my main browser! It could be faulty some times, but it’s easy to use especially after the applications came along! Installing was easy-peasy. You can even play Angry Birds and other games in it.

5. Android OS

Need I say more?  Ever since this smartphone OS phenomena, everything in the mobile world has leveled up. The games, the productivity applications, the automatically syncing of contacts, calendar and other services came in which is really handy. And there’s so much more possibilities that are continuing to be discovered.

5 Reasons why Google is loveable!

I’ll make this short. This are the five reasons why Google is lovable!


He makes researching easier and faster, it’s like Google is a super genius of all geniuses!


He helps me do my homework and projects – since he’s the man with researching skills!


He keeps me updated, Google has all the latest news you just need to know!


Google helps me learn new things, find out things I am having a hard time with!


Google is friendly 😛 I just know!


I hope google loves me too, and you too! 😉