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You Know you’re a domainaholic when…

There are obvious symptoms when you are a domainaholic and so I’m sharing this today just to make you aware if you’re wondering. What really are the clues if you are indeed a domainaholic?

  • You have a list of ideas for domains – Every now and then you get ideas for websites and domains you wish pursue for different reasons. You never run out of to-buy-lists for your ideas.
  • You know domain promos here and there – You know where to buy the cheapest, where to get the latest promos some are even received straight to your email!
  • You can think of a domain name anytime at anywhere – when you find out any domain promo you can think of a domain name to buy instantly – no buts, you just buy it anyway even if you just came up with it.
  • You’re familiar with every domain registrar – Godaddy, Yahoo! Domains, Register.com, Namecheap and many more. You follow them via all social networks to get updated with their latest promos.
  • You’ve got a visa card – Because promos are mostly payable through this payment gateway.
  • You simply know reasons to love domains, even if you don’t use them much
Can you tell if you’re one?

Godaddy does it again!

Godaddy’s twitter have twitted a domain special, yes another promo to get $1.18 domains!

Godaddy Twitter


It’s something bloggers and domain lovers like me really love. Thank you Godaddy! I bought a domain that I might use for personal purposes πŸ˜‰

So, you got to get yours too before you run out of time. Go go go! I did have a problem with getting an error, at first it won’t process using my Visa Card details. But after a few minutes it worked. I also asked help via twitter regarding it, but for some reason, it got fixed right away!Β Cheers to Go Daddy πŸ™‚


Cannot be used with Paypal and also only 1 per account, 1 per VISA card I believe. You can use it for transfers as well except renewals πŸ™‚

Godaddy Domain Promo

Just purchased a .com extension for my hosting website because I will be using the .net for other purposes πŸ™‚ So if you guys are in need/wanting to have a new domain but don’t enough money to buy, don’t worry!


The code works for the following TLD domains,Β .COM, .US, .MOBI, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, .CA, .CO.UK and .IN but does not work on renewals and transfers (sadly)

I was planning to buy the .com extension so I checked out my source of Godaddy coupons and it’s awesome to finally have the $1 domain available! In total, you’ll have to pay $1.47 (with ICANN fee)

You can only pay via Credit Card or any VISA Card (Paypal not allowed). Hope there will be another one next month which will be available for transfer πŸ™‚

7 Truths About Going Online

So far, I have been online for almost 4 to 5 years of my life (estimated). I’m not saying that I’m a pro, but I’d like to share what I’ve been through and my thoughts about the online world!

#1: Looks can fool you

There are two scenarios that this applies:

a. Pictures of your so called “online friends” – call me protective but there are times that I make really sure the person adding me in Facebook and other social networking websites are for real. At least, I check pictures. There are hundreds of posers and fake sicko people in social networking websites so you better be aware!

b. Websites – Layouts looking professional and good? Well NOT ALL OF THEM ARE TO BE TRUSTED. I’ve been to INSTANT DEPLOY and I’ve experienced great doom.

#2 On Shopping Online…

You should not just buy as soon as you see you see the item on ebay (or any other store) it is best you contact the seller FIRST. Be-friend them, this way they will feel you’re both somehow connected. Then, if there will be problems you’ll find it easy to ask for help.

#3 On Website Hosting

Right now, I have 6 different Hosting sites for my websites. LoL. But yeah, here are my tips on choosing website hosting:


b. Uptime is important, at least 90% is okay!

c. Nothing is UNLIMITED with online hosting, but then you can assume they are UNLIMITED!

#4 On Buying Domains

If you like buying domains, just like in buying stuff COUPONS are your weapons. In Godaddy, I get a lot of $1.17 – $1.18 Domains, however PATIENCE is a must. Same with Namecheap!

#5 On Joining Contests!

I have joined several contests and so far I’ve won about three times. I haven’t won hard cash though. BUT it doesn’t mean joining contests isn’t fun. In fact, by joining a lot of contests you get greater chances of winning because perseverance can make you win! Trying and trying makes you inevitable!

#6 Trust no one

Do not give out important things about you OR important details such as passwords, real life stories or so not that I don’t share my life to my online friends. BUT there are PEOPLE WHO WILL USE THIS AGAINST YOU because along the way, like in real life there will be ONLINE FRIENDS who will fool you, use you and stab you in the back. Been there – SAD I KNOW, but life is like that.

#7 You can’t go online 24/7

Most of people think I can go online 24/7. Well that’s not NORMAL! Haha I guess, for me. Sometimes however, it is good you take “OFF” from going online to reflect on things going on your offline life. Sometimes, going online can be to much especially if you’re thinking about too many things.

The Namecheap Quest!

In my post earlier, I shared to you my opinion regarding Godaddy and Namecheap. I bet you already have your sides, which do you choose? For now though, I’ll be standing for Namecheap because they have awesome contests going on!

Namecheap Trivia Contest!

They’re having their 3rd Annual Holiday Twitter Trivia Contest! And it’s lots of fun. Some are really staying up to win points! Me and some other bloggers have been tweeting ’til morning because of it, while doing so, having fun! As of now, the points between top scorers are really pressuring. For some it’s been also great because they’ve been winning domains for straight 3 days since the contest started. Most of the questions will really make you think hard, and good thing Google is there! Some of the other questions are related to Namecheap.

For those who want to catch up with Namecheap’s trivia contest, just check out www.namecheap.com/contest for more information. But as far as I know, here’s what you need to do:

  • Follow @namecheap at twitter
  • Create a Namecheap Account (if you don’t have one)
  • After that, go to “My Profile” in Namecheap website while logged in. Look for Twitter Integration
  • While logged in your twitter account do as what you are told in the Twitter Integration page
  • Namecheap will be giving out questions and you’ll see those (if you followed them)
  • Answer questions by replying to Namecheap in twitter

There you go! They have another contest going on wherein you can have the chance to win $500 for the week and $5000 over all! But that’s another story.

So, see ya around twitter guys!