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Your gadgets and music combined

Nowadays, it’s probably a must to be with your gadgets or your smartphones – they keep you sane during boring times and when you want to relax a little. But did you know it can be much more fun with music to pair up with it.

Gadgets and music combined

Gadgets and music combined

The evans emad resonant 24 is one example. What you can do with your gadgets and music is to maybe create your own kind of music with the applications such as Garage Band and the likes. You can even cover your favourite songs and share them world wide through video streaming websites. Who knows, you might even become popular.

Just like technology you can do so much with music too and it can start with a simple click!

New year, time to check!

Time to check if your utilities at home and everything else are still in proper condition. Every year, people neglect doing this and assume it would be just another normal year but due to negligence many accidents happen and I know most would agree on that.

It maybe the time for you to check your peerless mounts if they’re still sturdy and if you need to get new ones.

You might as well redecorate at home, upgrade your mobile vehicle or so. Don’t just stick to gadgets! There’s more to life 🙂

Travel a lot?

Perhaps some of you travel often. Travelling is a way to relieve yourself from stress and have some “recreational” time. It’s your time to relax and chill. This is why many opt for travelling during holidays, especially the long ones to have some one of a kind vacation and adventure.

Briefcase for your Gadgets

Briefcase for your Gadgets

As a techie, we all know how important it is to have the secured bags and travelling items like those from www.gotbriefcases.com because we need our gadgets safe. So it must be noted that you choose the one with the best quality.

At these times that we’re travelling, for sure we’re doing more activities that we tend to lose our mind on keeping our stuff stafe so I hope this serves a reminder for the upcoming long weekend this October 26th 🙂


Symptoms of a gadget that needs reformat or rom re-flash

Honestly, this is somehow obvious in all phone when it does “take place” but I’m going to point out the common things you should be aware of, so you know when it’s time to refresh your phone’s system.

  1. Start-Up is laggish
  2. Slow reactions with reactions (typing message, clicking)
  3. Shutting off by itself or rebooting by itself
  4. Applications working before stopped working
  5. Deadly White Screen!

Oh well, at current, two of my mobile phones are showing some. Hihi. Guess I need to reformat, maybe when we get the internet here. It is  essential to reformat or re-program your gadgets actually – it helps to “clean” the already cluttered memory. Just make sure you have back-ups of important applications or files all the time.

Don’t forget about your clothes

Gadgets, accessories, wirings – in majority, a person who deals with technology so much always have problems with keeping them. It actually depends but for those who’d rather be organized, it’s something serious. What good is it to have gadgets and all with a messy room?

Rack for your coats and everything else in the closet =)

Rack for your coats and everything else in the closet =)

But other than those, have you thought of your clothes? They must be lying everywhere because you’re too hooked up with your favorite applications and games, eek! So I suggest getting a rolling rack at CoatRacks.com while you have time because I’m pretty sure they will pile up in the long run (the more gadgets, the more you will probably forget about everything else!)

The thing is, don’t forget about the other things around you other than gadgets!