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Health Talk: Choosing Diet Pills

Taking pills should be done carefully – not only should you think twice but more than that! As we all know, not all pills are safe to use so it’s ideal that we have a guide and know if the pills we are to take are safe, in the middle or not safe.



As a tech blogger, one of the musts is watching my health too so I took time to learn more about the side effects of lipofuze because I’ve been hearing about it and I also want my readers to be informed about its information. Doing so I know it will help other people. It’s a good thing they have such online and it’s really something that all of us should know.

Just totally random.

I haven’t blogged much, but at the back of my mind I have been wanting to blog about so many techy things I have experienced and that have happened – since I finally had my iPod, my Android Phone and my dream phone Nokia X5; even with my awesome Nokia X6! Either way, I have to put them aside for now even if I want to blog so badly because I need to do other things first for my future, you get what I mean.

But even so, I still think about random stuff. Like diet pills, because a friend has been telling me about this medication she’s taking that is helping her slim down. I wonder if it’s true? Oh well! Why not try? Haha, when I get money lols. I’m sleepy too now, I slept 5 am because of writing notes and also doing an assignment. Overall, it was worth it because I understood our lessons. Except that I didn’t managed to do so good in our practical test, I think all of us haven’t at all lol.

I’m losing weight

I lost weight! Although not that much. There are some nights that I don’t eat dinner because I lack the appetite and then there are times I haven’t eaten properly due to my teeth problems lately. I can’t say it’s good nor bad though because I really don’t know.

Some of my friends say I will lose more weight with diet pills that work though. So one of these days I might give that a try. However, I want to feel better soon first before I do because I don’t think it’s a good idea to push myself too much into losing weight.