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A Problem with Sun Broadband Prepaid Plugit

Failed to get Host IP Address for the WebServer, WebServer not exsisted, or cannot be accessed now.

For some reason, whenever I’m using Sun Broadband (which I borrowed from Christian) I would get the error message above. I can’t also access some websites I could access with our internet at the office (luckily, I could use it anyway I want to and that it’s working fine at the moment)

Which is pretty disappointing of Sun Broadband, I am a big fan of them actually, being a big hater of Smart. I wonder what’s going on and what triggers this to happen? I mean, the error above.

Still, I would say Sun Broadband is way better than Smart, other than being able to access cPanel (excluding some websites I can’t access) and Symbianize (there’s a way to get around that though, thanks to OpenDNS and Google Public DNS) My tricks however, did not work with the websites I couldn’t access (the static DNS usage).

For one, I couldn’t access JQ awhile ago. I was able to yesterday, I wonder what’s up?

Backup your website through cPanel

hi, i have a self hosted blog for few months, would it be okay it ask your idea on how i can back up my blog? thanks in advance – thoughts of a sahm

Hi there! I appreciate your comment a lot, thank you! It helped me have this idea of sharing of how to make a backup of your website through cPanel.

Backup-ing is really important. In fact, right now the person who just commented reminded me that I haven’t made my very own backups! Oh no! Haha, but I guess I’ll work on it when I have time.

Moving on, here’s how we will make our site backups through cPanel:

1. First, login your cPanel. Then just look for “Backup Wizard”. It can usually be found within “Files” section. Or to make your life easier, press key CTRL then press key F then type the words “backup wizard” it will high light where the text is, thus leading you to the tool to be used.

Backup Wizard - Files

2. Then click the link, it will lead you to another interface. In the second interface you’ll notice that there are two options, backup and also restore. Since we’re making backups, we choose backup!


Backup or Restore?

Yes if you’re wondering, this tool also manages restorations of the backups to be made 🙂

3. Click “Backup” then you will be taken here:


Generate Backup

In this phase, you can choose your backup destination. The default is Home Directory, it’s a drop down so you choose. Then you can also choose if there will be an email to you if the backup process is done. Once it is done, you will find a .tar.gz file which can be restored using Backup Wizard too. Hope this helps you 🙂 Feel free to ask me if you are confused!

*On another note, some hosting websites disable Backup Wizard in their cPanel. The reason behind this is sometimes, their backups eat up a lot of space, especially if your website is a big time website XD

How important is cPanel?

cPanel is by far the most easiest website management tool I’ve ever ran to. It allows me to do so many things (well, unless your host gets the features.) Once you know all of these only then, you’ll realize how important cPanel is!


Right now my hosting website just got back up, however there’s something wrong with cPanel license. I do hope it gets fixed soon. cPanel is also has a friendly user interface. I’m a proof to that! It was only two years ago when I first saw cPanel and learned how to use it.

In fact, even up to now I know to myself that I haven’t learned most of the features you can with cPanel, but hopefully soon. Do you use cPanel too?

credits:  the-best-web-hosting-service.com

3 reasons why cPanel Rocks!

I love cPanel! I know every blogger does. It makes everything so much faster and easier. And here are some reasons why you should love cPanel too!

  1. cPanel is user-friendly – The first time I used cPanel, I was clueless. But through its user-friendly design I was able to learn how to use it in minutes. Little by little I got familiar and eventually enjoyed managing my website more!
  2. cPanel makes everything faster and easier! – With the full features of cPanel you can do everything within a click! Addons, FTP, File Manager and everything else! They’re there <3
  3. cPanel is for every website owner – If you are website owner, nothing can beat cPanel in terms of management, so if ever you get your hosting make sure it comes with a cPanel!

That’s why cPanel Rocks!