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Cherry Mobile P1 Mini: Small but big in its own way!

A week ago, news came out that Cherry Mobile P1 will be out again but this time, even better. With added bluetooth dialer features many more for your Android smartphones  this little monster is indeed going to make waves.

Cherry Mobile P1

Cherry Mobile P1 (old version)

Above is the old version. I bought one while I was in college because of its “cute factor” that captured my heart. At the time, I had problems with my other phone and it was very affordable. It was also my first “mini phone” as I’m a sucker for those. This old one however only does basic things at most, sms and calling. However it does have cute tones and also an alarm. It’s very hard to use if you have big hands on this one.

Cherry Mobile P1 Mini (2014)

Cherry Mobile P1 Mini (2014)

This on the other hand (picture above) is the latest version of Cherry Mobile P1. I couldn’t find green yet so I got orange instead (and it was what’s available anyway). It’s a bit bigger than the old version but it has more features! In particular, here is tge awesome feature that made it stand out among current basic phones:

  • Control your smartphone via Bluetooth
    • Play Music
    • View Contacts
    • View SMS
    • Make calls and sms


Yup! Seeing these features, it’s clearly your buddy on the go. So, instead of having to put out your huge 6-inch or 5-inch gadget that could even trouble your life – you can instead use this when sending sms. You can also play music through it so while your headset is plugged on to your phone, you can safely hide it and choose the song you like to play.

You can still also add an additional sim card, so it’s like having a dual sim phone as well – and you can insert a miniSD card for your needs if you want to play music directly or transfer wallpapers and the likes.

The best part is that this little gadget only costs PHP 799. You get to save a one peso coin for a candy. But yeah, it’s really cheap but it’s already like having a Samsung Galaxy Gear (which is way expensive) although you only get the basic features unlike that.

I already bought mine but haven’t used it much yet since I don’t really send sms or so but I’m planning to transfer songs on my smartphone and play it through there. Then I will be able to make a full review of this cutie!

A lover of mini phones, I have both Cherry Mobile P1 old version and new version.

A lover of mini phones, I have both Cherry Mobile P1 old version and new version.

Looking forward Starmobile Diamond V7

While grand brands like Samsung and Apple are up to the challenge of providing advanced smartphones every now and then, many local brands are also providing the same thing with lower costs giving way for at least some savings for our pockets.

Speaking of, recently, Starmobile released another unit called Starmobile Knight,  followed by Starmobile Diamond V3. Both run on quad core processors, high-end lcd that is very sturdy and other good spec details.

Even so, the most interesting among all of these is the Starmobile Diamond V7 for its battery which is 2600 mAh. That’s definitely something for a keeper.

The only problem now is their price because compared to Cherry Mobile they’re pricier, then again, their technical support is mostly better compared to CM.

For my friend however, he’s going to pass on mobile phones and focus on other things that keep him occupied such as music – and he’s getting tenor sax at musicians friend. I’ve got to admit he’s got a point, at some time, you will get tired of the mobile phone adventure as I have :/

The Titans get Jellybean Update!

Yesterday (or a day ago?), out of the blue I saw Cherry Mobile post an update in Facebook that Cherry Mobile Titan Jellybean update will be out on April 15, 2013 in Cherry Mobile Service Centers. I was very happy reading that then later, it was also announced that Cherry Mobile Titan TV will also get an update.

Jellybean Update!

Jellybean Update!

Jellybean Update!

Jellybean Update!

Now that’s some good news! I already gave up on the idea because I thought Cherry Mobile would already move on and make more new units which were to run on the said new Android OS. I’m impressed and I guess I should be thankful to CM (everyone should be) because they’ve made prices of Android phones become more affordable for showing their competition in its market. My problem now however is that I’m to lazy to do application back-ups, to unroot, revert memory swap and stuff on my phone. I’m thinking of finally pursuing my plan to get a Titan TV instead since it’s also going to run on Jellybean.

Cherry Pad Advance

Indeed, Android OS is becoming more lethal. Android tablets and smart phones are increasing every now and then, so does their users. While most are anticipating to have fancy Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I took a stroll at Cyberzone and noticed that not only the big companies are selling tablets of good specs. Thus, let me introduce to you Cherry Pad Advance.

Cherrypad Advance

Cherrypad Advance

I’ve read that it’s an Ainol Tablet that has been re-branded by Cherry Mobile. What’s fascinating is that it runs on Android Icecream 4.0. It also said to use the hardware being used with Samsung Galaxy S2, making it not really bad. It costs around 6,000 PHP to 7,000 PHP which is really affordable. Makes it more tempting to buy..