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The Best Windows Phone

Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platform have dominated the smartphone market for the last several years. Microsoft has recently entered the field to challenge Blackberry for the third spot, and has a good chance of taking over much of the business phone niche now controlled by Blackberry.

Microsoft has made two major advancements in recent years, the introduction of Windows Phone 8, and their partnership with Nokia to create a wide variety of handsets. Not only is the upgraded operating system much more welcoming to a larger audience, but they are offering quality low-price phones as well as high quality handsets to challenge the best Androids and iPhones.

Because of this partnership, the majority of Windows Phones are from Nokia, but not all of them. Though the Windows platform is not as widespread, nor as customizable as Android’s OS, it also is not nearly as restrictive as the Apple iOS, especially in hardware limitations. HTC, Samsung and Huawei are just some of the companies to start develop third party Windows Phones.

Since the Windows platform is still relatively new, and does not share the popularity of Androids or iPhones, the Windows App store is also sorely lacking in comparison to its two main competitors. Microsoft does promise that this will change in the future, however. And the comfort of the new platform for users familiar with the Windows 8 platform may help push this popularity, as will Microsoft’s attempt to corner the bargain smartphone market.

So here are the 5 best Windows Phones currently available:

5.HTC Windows Phone 8S – A good midrange phone starting at around £250. Comes with a 1GHz dual-core processor backed by 512MB of RAM. Though the numbers may seem a little on the low side, the Windows OS actually runs quite smooth with this set-up. Internal Storage is just 4GB, but can be expanded with up to an additional 32GB through a microSD slot.

The 4-inch Super LCD Gorilla Glass Display is limited to just a 440 x 800 resolution, but still has a decent overall picture. The 5MP rear camera (no front camera) and high connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,3G, but not 4G) round out this handset as nice but not spectacular.

4.Nokia Lumina 625 – This is actually a very nice little budget handset starting around £189. It is packaged with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM. The 5MP rear camera is supported with an LCD flash to produce respectable snaps, and the front facing camera is capable of shooting VGA video for chatting purposes. The 8GB of internal storage is expandable through a microSD slot, and its connectivity does include 4G.

3.Nokia Lumina 1020 – It’s hard to tell if this is a phone trying to be a camera, or the other way around. The 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 2GB RAM offer decent performance; and 32GB should be more than ample for the average user. It also comes with all the latest connectivity including NTC and 4G LTE.

However, its 41 MP camera with Xenon flash is not only the best available on any smartphone, but also challenges many mid-range digital cameras. However, that’s where the flash of this £600 handset ends, it doesn’t hold up as a top-end smartphone.

2.Nokia Lumina 720– Another nice midrange phone. For about £225, it offers decent hardware with a 1 GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM. Internal storage of 5GB is expandable to another 64GB through the microSD slot, and the 4.3 inch 480 x 800 display is adequate. The 6.7MP rear camera offers nice snaps, and the 1.3MP camera is capable of shooting 720p video. Connectivity options are vast, but unfortunately don’t include 4G.

1.Nokia Lumina 1520 – The flagship Windows Phone, it is really something to behold – in more ways than one. Its mammoth 7 inch screen puts it just under tablet size, but is full HD with excellent viewing angles. It is also loaded with power in the form of a 2.2 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, along with 32GB of internal storage with expandability to another 64GB.

The 20MP front camera is second on the market only to the 1020, and can shoot full HD 1080p video; while the back camera also manages to shoot 720p video. Unfortunately, the £870+ price tag may put this monster out of many people’s reach.

Setting up Gmail with Logic Mail for Blackberry

One reason why some love BlackBerry phones is because of its awesome QWERTY experience. It’s also easy to use with social networks and most of all the email. Simply put, you can reply anytime at the tip of your fingers when you have a BlackBerry phone. However, the only problem with BlackBerry is that BlackBerry plans tend to be costly and unreasonable, it’s like buying an expensive phone having to pay for expensive phone plans for the rest of your life to make it useful.

Fortunately, for emails there’s an alternative application – though it may not be as slick as the built in, it’s something to suffice and it’s called Logic Mail.



Today, I will share to you how to setup Gmail with LogicMail. This basically covers only two steps but what you will input to your setup will be detailed out for you.


  1. Setup Identity
  2. Setup Outgoing Server
  3. Setup Incoming Server


Step 1

Setting up the Identity is pretty easy so I won’t be providing instructions to this. It can be found with the application’s options. When you’re there, leave outgoing and incoming server – since you don’t have any options for those yet as well anyway, we’ll go back to this once you’ve saved your identity.

Step 2

Just follow the setup here and you’ll be fine!

Server: smtp.gmail.com

Use Secure Connection: SSL

Port: 465

Authentication: Login

Username: yourusername@gmail.com

Password: YourPassword

Connection Method: Up to you, preferrably Wifi Only to me.

Step 3

For the incoming server, it’s pretty much the same, but here:

Choose IMAP

Server: imap.gmail.com

User Secure Connection: SSL

Port: 993

Username: yourusername@gmail.com

Password:  YourPassword

Identity: Choose an Identity



Refresh on Startup

Homescreen Message Count


Afterwards, select these settings for your the identity you made. Unlike the built-in, you have to keep the application open to get notified when there is a new email. This is definitely a solution for those who simply wants email access but does not want costly plans for their BlackBerry.

Globe BBMAX Prepaid

This isn’t new but always fancy for a Blackberry user (or those who are planning to be). Globe, compared to others not only provide affordable Blackberry Internet Service. This might help you get ideas if you should go on purchase that Blackberry phone on sale or that Android phone instead.

Globe BBMAX Prepaid

Globe BBMAX Prepaid

You can also opt for Globe’s postpaid plans that come with Blackberry handsets (then you can get more perks and cheaper plans) The only problem with that though is you’ve got to pay them for a year or more. BIS is very dedicated when it comes to browsing and you can even use your internet with your net book together if the Blackberry Desktop Manager is installed in it.


Tweeker is yet another Twitter third party application. It’s pretty easy – its goal is for you to tweet right away. No fuss, no hassles. Just tweet!



I’m using a free version that I got from Crackberry Superstore btw! They got loads of useful application there. As for the review, Tweeker is pretty much nice! Except that it doesn’t have autotag feature and since I don’t have a stock memory of all my twitter friends’ usernames I’m missing this feature when using the native Twitter application for Blackberry. In the paid version, there are no ads so that’s a plus! I would love to upgrade mine soon but if practically, you won’t really need to remove the ads unless you’ve finally decided you’re going to use Tweeker instead of the Ubersoc or Twitter for Blackberry.

5 Wonders of Google that amaze me

There are many reasons why I love Google. But today, I will at least give 5 wonders of google that amaze me. So timely, I’m currently organizing my contacts which is synced to my Android phone, which I will also sync to my iTouch and Blackberry phone.

1. Search Engine, Page Rank,Google Adsense

I discovered a lot of things because of Google’s ever powerful search engine. I know Yahoo! Search Engine existed earlier than it did but when my mom told me Google gives better information back then when I was young, there was something that really made me trust Google compared to it. Other than it’s job giving you information, page rank exists to let you know which sites are trust worthy and also, make money out of it. Not to forget Google Adsense is also here that leads you to other potential websites of relevant topics, also bring a huge money for SEO practitioners.

2. Gmail, Gtalk

Okay, it doesn’t mean I don’t love my Yahoo! email but admit it – Gmail has so much greater use than Yahoo’s email. It’s more user friendly, and right now, I am loving the option to sync contacts. I wish I did this before earlier. The Gtalk is also nice, I don’t use Yahoo! Messenger as much as before too. Other than that, I can also connect my domain emails through it with a little tweak in the settings, and as well as use them as emails whenever I want to, just as long as they’re set as aliases.

3. Google+

I’m not a fan of this feature much, in fact I’ve been deleting all my Google+ accounts. What my plan actually is to create a new one formally (I had to many active accounts!) The features are awesome though, especially because it also has web conferencing that’s very useful for people who want to keep in touch even if they’re apart from one another with no need of installing a standalone software and open it all the time (referring to Skype)

4. Google Chrome

I used to be more of a Mozilla Firefox fan but after awhile I started using Google Chrome more compared to it. So now, it’s my main browser! It could be faulty some times, but it’s easy to use especially after the applications came along! Installing was easy-peasy. You can even play Angry Birds and other games in it.

5. Android OS

Need I say more?  Ever since this smartphone OS phenomena, everything in the mobile world has leveled up. The games, the productivity applications, the automatically syncing of contacts, calendar and other services came in which is really handy. And there’s so much more possibilities that are continuing to be discovered.