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White Blackberry 9790

As you all know, I own a Blackberry 9790 that came out last November – December. So far, okay. It gets slow sometimes so I’m thinking of upgrading again (leaks of higher software are everywhere)

But what’s cooler? Well, there’s a new version of it coming out – a new color perhaps? Apparently, they have been seeing the white version of Blackberry 9790. I was always wanting want one, I wish I could trade that with mine? Anyway here’s a picture from Crackberry

White Blackberry 9790

White Blackberry 9790

Pretty fab, isn’t it? I wonder if there will be pink too. Aside from that, Blackberry 10 has been announced already. Many exciting stuff from Blackberry lately! I hope their Theme Studio for OS7 will come out already D:

How to use cell charms with Blackberry 9790 in 3 steps

They say Blackberry phones are for business purposes only, so most of them don’t come with a built-in cell charm holes. I was so disappointed as a collector of kawaii cell charms and sometimes I even make my own since I am armed with polymer clays.

Using your cellcharms with Blackberry 9790

Using your cellcharms with Blackberry 9790

So I looked for a way online to be able to use my newly bought cell charm from Thailand last Christmas. Turns out, it was really easy with Blackberry 9790. I did get a few clues with the search results I’ve been to.

So this is how you can use a cell charm with Blackberry 9790:

How to use cell charms for Blackberry 9790

How to use cell charms for Blackberry 9790

So this is how you can use a cell charm with Blackberry 9790:

1. Open the back of your Blackberry 9790 like you do when rebooting.

– Notice that there is a bulk in the bottom part as shown in the picture.

2. Prepare your cell charm/cell phone decoration, it is advised that its holder is thin so it won’t hinder your back casing to attach with your Blackberry 9790.

3. Attach the cell charm to the bulk at the bottom as shown in (4). DO NOT MAKE A KNOT, it won’t close up if you do.

There you go! You now have your cell charm attached. Who said Blackberries are just business phones? We teenager girls can prep them up just the way we want to 🙂

The problem with this however is that you have to be careful in opening your back cover/back casing because if you don’t pay attention your cell charm might be unattached and fall somewhere unnoticed.

The same technique might also work for other Blackberry phones, if not, lead to a clue 😛



Fancy Widgets - using Twitter Widget and Quotes

Fancy Widgets – using Twitter Widget and Quotes

Was going to leave a review for FancyTrans so I typed in Appworld “Fancy” then I stumbled to Fancy Widgets.

It’s really lovely! Remember how I pointed out that Home Screen Notes should have multiple sticky notes? With Fancy Widgets, it’s very possible.

There are many widgets available for use and lots of customizations as well which makes it really fab. Tranparency, rounded borders, fonts, sizes and they can be positioned according to your liking! Although the positioning preview seems not accurate on my part.

Free version is available in Blackberry App World, here is the download link.

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Top 5 Applications to personalize Blackberry 9790

So, you know how I got my Blackberry 9790 last December. Now I will share the best applications to personalize Blackberry 9790.

Because Blackberry 9790 also known RIM BlackBerry Onyx III or RIM BlackBerry Bellagio runs on Blackberry OS7 – themes for it are still not available. So, we’d have to stick with changing wallpapers and ringtones only. But some how I’ve found a way to customize it at least, while the Theme Studio for Blackberry OS7 is not out yet. I hope you’ll find my list here useful and fun 😉 Here are my top 5 applications to personalize Blackberry 9790.

1. crunchSMS

crunchSMS on Blackberry 9790

crunchSMS on Blackberry 9790


crunchSMS on Blackberry 9790

crunchSMS on Blackberry 9790


It replaces the sms launcher. What makes it better than the native sms launcher is that you can personalize how your sms list and sms conversation look like. Default is the “iPhone message conversation” look then you can change the colors. Another dazzling feature is the Quick Reply feature which also shows your received message – in an instance, if someone texts you a pop up message will appear (his or her message) then you have the option to call, open or reply and etc on that pop up message. Neat isn’t it? Another feature is the ability to register your phone number to Textfreek which was the main reason I found out about it as I use it with my iPod. However, I was only able to text Textfreek users that were Blackberry users (I assume it only considers mobile phone numbers) I couldn’t message my Textfreek in my iPod. If you purchase the license, you’ll be able to use Emojins too! But note that it will only be seen by crunchSMS users or iPhone users (and if they have an sms launcher like Handcent SMS on their Android phones). You can give it it a try by downloading it from here.

Overall Pros: Customization, Quick Reply, Textfreek, Free (with Ads, without Emojins – paid is with Emojins)

Overall Cons: No sent messages, Cut Messages (when there are long messages), Textfreek works on mobile phone number users only

2. Home Screen Notes

Home Screen Notes on Blackberry 9790

Home Screen Notes on Blackberry 9790


Ever wanted to have those sticky notes / reminders on your home screens? Well, now you can! You can also customize your sticky notes (font, font color and sticky note color) it’s really cute! Although I wish you could change the position and post multiple posts too. Maybe it’s the next thing they’re working on! Download here if you want to give it a try.

Overall Pros: Customization of font, font color and sticky note size, affordable (costs $1.99 only!)

Overall Cons: Only one sticky note is allowed, pin of sticky note only red, paid app

3. FontControl

FontControl for Blackberry 9790

FontControl for Blackberry 9790


There are actually many font manager to be found on Blackberry Appworld however, the one I’ve tried as of now is Font Control which is pretty good! It does not require reboots and they have fonts available for you which are nice. Its management dashboard is also not as confusing as others. The best thing about it – is its 100% free. You can download it here. There is also a paid version but I haven’t tried it yet.

Overall Pros: Free, easy to use

Overall Cons: with Ads


4. BeBuzz

There are also other applications found on Blackberry Appworld that lets you customize your LED light. So far though, I am enjoying BeBuzz! You can assign a LED color for each of your contacts, BBM contacts and even Applications (including Twitter Replies, etc) which makes your Blackberry really fun! There is a paid and free version and the difference between two is that with free version you cannot assign a LED color for your applications. It’s pretty costly (compared to other LED light applications) but definitely worth the buy. It’s easy to navigate in its dashboard as well. It also includes a “toast” feature which is cute!

Overall Pros: Free version is available, easy to use

Overall Cons: Paid Application is kind of costly

5.  X-Slide

I’ve also tried Slider Lock which isn’t so bad but I didn’t like that it had to display the title bar (where you see icons) so I tried X-Slide which fit my likings. It is almost like that of the iPod Touch. Unlike Slider Lock the appearance is smoother and it goes along with your font. The title bar can be hidden unlike with Slider Lock. I find Slider Lock somehow limited to black wallpapers so I prefer X-Slide, if you’re using that you’ll understand what I mean. It also has an “unlock sound” and it’s also cheaper. Download here!

Overall Pros: Smooth Lockscreen Appearance, unlock sound,cheap! Only 99 cents!

Overall Cons: Cannot customize Font Style (just goes along with the system font or your chosen font), paid app, cannot screenshot the lockscreen?

And so, that ends my list of applications for customizing your Blackberry 9790! I hope there will be themes for Blackberry OS7 phones soon 🙁