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Who.is is playing around…

It’s been my habit to check WHO.IS whenever I want to know something about a website, or daily to check my stats. But some how for the first time I feel like WHO.IS is playing around with me or joking. Err. Just see.


500k Alexa Rank? Haha, wow. Well okay, after looking at it longer I realized that the 500k one is different from the 1M one. Apparently, the 500k one is for 1 month and the other is for 3 months. I hope I got that right. Anyway, so far I can say I made a huge difference from before, the alexa rank of this blog used to be 3 M xD

Alexa Ranking Tips

We know about page rank and of how important it is to bloggers who make money online. However, not all the times advertisers rely on page ranks, some times Alexa Ranking is a must! My friend told me this so I looked for some ways I could hike up my alexa ranking in all my websites. I hope some of them can help you as well.

1. Post everyday

By posting everyday chances are, your alexa rank will be higher. That’s why notice I update this everyday. Then I know this new blogger who has just got her domain for 1 month. She posts for like 2-4 times a day so she got her ranking to 2 Million from 20 Million something when she started, it was just 1 month!

2. Join websites like Adgitize, Entrecard and CMF ads

I just recently joined CMF ads. I might join Entrecard and CMF ads as well when I have time. So far, Adgitize has been very effective because from 3 Million my Alexa Rank is now 1.2 Million. I hope it will improve again within the following days.

3. Comment on other blogs and leave messages on their tag boards

By doing so, you invite them to check out your blog or website too. Now this earn you visits, thus helping you get better alexa rankings.

It is said that to reach your goal, you must know patience and hard work. That’s why if you’re up to get good alexa rank and page rank do your best to as a blogger. I hope this helps!