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More spams than ever

What could be more irritating than having to get yourself excited over emails that turns to be….spams. Well, been there – done that! What surprises me though is that some are going through Akismet lately. I wonder why?

Even so, I’ve got reasons to look at the bright side and think of happy things. Happy things such as that I could go buy yamaha fg700s at GC for an affordable price ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you Akismet :)

Akismetย is probably one of the musts-Wordpress-plugins. For me, it helps me get rid of annoying spams. Others might prefer other plugins with the same service but if you’re in a hurry it wouldn’t hurt ot activate it.

Akismet Protection

Akismet Protection

Just look at how many spams have been blocked. Imagine what my love would be if I had to go over those and mark them as spam! Now this reminds me, I still haven’t deleted spams on that blog of a friend of mine.

I highly suggest you activate your Akismetย as soon as you install a WordPress blog whether it’s to be used soon or not ๐Ÿ™‚

Annoying Spams

Spams, endless!

This is a screenshot from my friend’s WordPress Dashboard. I think I deleted almost 200 of the spams that she had in her blog that I gave her just a few days back. Isn’t it annoying?

Well luckily, there’s Akismet. But I also have heard that at times, Akismet fails. There are instances that I have experienced that but to make sure I also enabled her Akismet with matching Akismet Key so the spams would end, since she isn’t knowledgeable YET in blogging and WordPress stuff, but I know she will be soon.

I wonder, why spams keep on attacking our blogs? Good thing I have my Akismet activated here ๐Ÿ™‚