02 Dec

ADHD Society of the Philippines’ Crusade

When I got home, I noticed one of my classmates posted a message on my Facebook status – I ignored it at first since I didn’t really believe in chain letters and then she messaged again “Uy, ikaw rin” (in English “Hey, try it too!)

Be Anime-zed

So, I gave it a try.

And this is it

Me with my Anime DP

Before I posted, I read it very carefully until I realized that it’s something that we shouldn’t look over. Also, I realized it was one of the reasons Facebook-ers were using cartoon pictures. I thought it was some “bringing back Friendster madness” (remember, during Friendster days people didn’t like using their own pictures.) But anyway, as it says

Let us support the ADHD Society of the
Philippines’ crusade to denounce violence against children. Change your
current profile picture to your favorite childhood cartoon character.
This will last until December 6, 2010.

It would be great to participate to take part in the fight for violence against children, not just Filipino children but all the children in the world. You just have to change your DP (Display Picture) or Primary Picture to one of your favorite cartoon during child hood.

My first picture was Snoopy, then I just changed it to Lime of Saber Marionette. Let’s all hope that those children that are abused and are maltreated will be heard.

Just think of it, you were once a child. How would it have been if it was you in their place?

02 Dec

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