Godaddy vs. Namecheap?

I’ve a domain addict or what they also refer to as “Domainaholic“. I have experienced getting scammed because of it, but of all domain registrars my favorites are Godaddy and Namecheap. But which is the best?

Let’s learn about Godaddy

What’s great with Godaddy?

1. Coupons

I love, love coupons from Godaddy so much! The best ones are the $0.99 coupons. Hence, you can save up to $10 with one domain or even more. You can also transfer your domains from another registrar with that same price. But they occasionally give out these kinds of coupon codes – about 2 times a month? If you have a good source to find this codes, you’re lucky. They only come out once in a while. And when they’re not available, you can save up to $3 because of other coupons which make your domain renewal or buying domain become $7.00+ instead of the usual $10 and above. Namecheap offers that too but you save more with Godaddy. Just a reminder, coupons that can save you as low as $10 always have to be paid through a VISA/Credit Card! So, it’s better you have one. Always make sure you turn off auto renewal!

2. The Fancy Interface

I believe all domain registrar have fancy websites, but Godaddy has the most fancy one! They even have what they refer to as “Godaddy Girls” I could be one of them (I wish)

3. The Freebies

They have other services that come along with your purchases for free. They’re pretty neat! Just make sure you cancel them once your free service ends because it can crash your credit/debit cards!

4. Domain Management

You can set up name servers for your domain easily, either you create your own or put a ready name server. It’s within your domain’s page unlike with others that you have to click to get to other pages.

5. The Fame

Right now, I believe Godaddy is the most known registrar. But then again.

There’s Namecheap!

Namecheap has a lot of perks that can beat Godaddy’s coupons and freebies. Let’s name some!

1. Contests

As far as I know, people love Namecheap because they offer fun contests! This November, I joined one wherein you just show off your pet’s picture. I didn’t win but I was given domain credits as a consolation prize. That’s already something for me! And I bet for you too. Currently, they have two contests running this December and so many people are awake and alive at twitter because of them.

2. Better Freebies

For me, Namecheap beats Godaddy because they offer free guard! That’s something Godaddy doesn’t offer, if they do I think it would be from another coupon.

3. Namecheap, is affordable

Might sound pricey if you compare to others, but remember, they offer the free Who.Is guard unlike others. Plus some of their domains are cheaper compared to others.

4. Approachable!

Namecheap staff is highly approachable, well, I don’t really know I haven’t tried talking to Godaddy’s twitter and Facebook, but I know more people love Namecheap because they’re friendly.

5. Fast loading website

I must say Godaddy’s website is fancy, but because of that the load time takes a few minutes later than how Namecheap’s website loads. There are times that irritates me.

These are my honest opinions, and they’re based on my experience. How about you guys? What do you think?

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Use the Power of Blogging

By far, blogging is one of the most powerful tool in the World Wide Web. Perhaps, it is what makes up most of the World Wide Web. The power of blogging is endless and so is what it can cause readers, visitors and website owners. Everyday, it becomes even more powerful – can you handle it?

Blogging can do so much for a simple person. It can make your name and also destroy your name. If not used properly it can destroy many lives – through words, sharp words that some website/blog owners use. On the other hand, the power of blogging can also be used for a good thing which is particularly to earn money.

But how do you earn money through blogging?

You cannot earn money right away as soon as you’ve built your blog. It takes time. It takes hard work. It takes a thousands of visitors, and a lot of posts to get noticed. However you can always find tips that can help you. If blogging is the most powerful tool in the World Wide Web, why not start making good use of it? Here are some that had helped me with my other blogs, they’re very effective – use the power of blogging now!

1. Create a blog with a clean theme, formal and presentable

Personal themes are great but it’s best you choose themes made by the expert. For WordPress blogs, themes from WordPress’ website are great. And if you blog somewhere else just ALWAYS MAKE IT A POINT TO CHOOSE A PROFESSIONAL THEME. You can also choose personal themes or themes you made but make sure there aren’t codes/snippets that affect your website in a bad way.

  • When you have a theme, make it a point that it doesn’t have too much scripts for these eat up time load.
  • When you choose a theme, do not choose one with too bright colors – visitors prefer to feel homey in websites.
  • When you choose a theme, it’s better that it is XML/CSS valid, because that means they’re clean indeed!

2. Choose the right web host

There are free web hosting websites, free blogging platforms but make sure that whichever you choose will be reliable. Down times for a website or blog are very bad for your performance, if you have a poor web host your visitors will lack interest of going to your website or blog since they know your website is always out of the scene.

3. Choose the right content

Don’t just blog because you want to. If you really want to earn money – work hard for it. Blogging with a single topic or theme is better – because that means your blog or website focuses on one thing. This won’t confuse your readers. Also, when choosing the content for your website make sure it interests readers in a way they’ll find it helpful and useful.

  • Do not put music in your website, if you will it is suggested you don’t make use of “auto-play”. Websites and blogs with music are pretty annoying (not to mention the song plays over and over again every refresh/reload)
  • Do not use too much javascript/jquery – they’re nice because they make a blog or website more dynamic, but they cause website loading to take so much time which is not really recommendable
  • Do not just copy and paste – remember to credit – every time you make use of others’ posts/articles or pictures it is always a MUST to give credit to the person you got it form that way you show respect to other website owners

4. Visit other websites and blogs, especially those who visit your website

To maximize traffic, one of the best ways is by “blog hopping” because through this bloggers gain friends and visitors. You can simply say “Dropped by” or simply say “Hi!” in their tag boards (they’re usually somewhere in the website). There are some services like Entrecard and Adgitize that also make you do the same thing easily through dropping cards (for Entrecard) and through visiting websites with the Adgitize button.

5. Spread the Link

Social networks are not just for you to get in touch with other people – today, they’re also useful to get targeted by search engines easily. You can simply copy the URL of your website and posts from the browsers’ address bar and past it in Facebook, Friendster, Plurk and many more social networking websites. In result, more people will be able to check out your website and also find it.

These is just half of them. Now you know blogging is the most powerful tool in the World Wide Web – so it would be great if you find out its use. Watch out for more these coming days, we will share them to you with all our heart.

ADHD Society of the Philippines’ Crusade

When I got home, I noticed one of my classmates posted a message on my Facebook status – I ignored it at first since I didn’t really believe in chain letters and then she messaged again “Uy, ikaw rin” (in English “Hey, try it too!)

Be Anime-zed

So, I gave it a try.

And this is it

Me with my Anime DP

Before I posted, I read it very carefully until I realized that it’s something that we shouldn’t look over. Also, I realized it was one of the reasons Facebook-ers were using cartoon pictures. I thought it was some “bringing back Friendster madness” (remember, during Friendster days people didn’t like using their own pictures.) But anyway, as it says

Let us support the ADHD Society of the
Philippines’ crusade to denounce violence against children. Change your
current profile picture to your favorite childhood cartoon character.
This will last until December 6, 2010.

It would be great to participate to take part in the fight for violence against children, not just Filipino children but all the children in the world. You just have to change your DP (Display Picture) or Primary Picture to one of your favorite cartoon during child hood.

My first picture was Snoopy, then I just changed it to Lime of Saber Marionette. Let’s all hope that those children that are abused and are maltreated will be heard.

Just think of it, you were once a child. How would it have been if it was you in their place?

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!