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Wave – Easier invoices and financing!

Ever since I started with my small web hosting business, I go on with my invoices manually. I know I should’ve made a system on my own, being I have the background and all – just that, time doesn’t permit me to do so.



Fortunately, I discovered Wave. I remember I discovered it through a shop online (which unfortunately no longer operates, well..)

Wave makes it easier for me to create invoices, even duplicate them when you need to. You can add your business logo as you like and add as much as businesses as well.

I’m not on their pro plan but if you own a big business, it’s a great option to make life easier and managing finances faster.

There may be other options out there but for now I am very satisfied with Wave, it will definitely change many more lives.

Google, now under Alphabet Inc.

It was announced that Google is now under another company, named Alphabet Inc. which is also owned by the founder of  Google Inc., Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Although new, Alphabet Inc. owns different brands under it, other than Google.

G is for Google

G is for Google

Google will operate just the same along with its service, so no worries with that if you though about it! Aside from this news, .xyz has also been introduced. Namecheap is currently have it at $1. Not sure if only for today but it would be cool to have a .xyz domain right?

Find out more at

The role of CSS Media Queries

Web development is becoming more complicated yet amazing each day. Every time, a new branch of technology is introduced and every time, it surprises us on what it can do. One thing’s for sure though, it does wonders and one of the most amazing is the introduction of CSS Media Queries.

CSS Media Queries lets you handle how your website will look in different devices – controlling how it should be in different screen resolutions. While this is not new, this part of web development is definitely handy.

See, today, there are more mobile users who access websites through their iOS gadgets such as iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones. Wouldn’t you hate it if your website looked really wonky on those famous gadgets?

This is where CSS Media Queries play their role. So, no more worries now especially because CSS Frameworks promoting usage of this is everywhere.

3 Reasons why CSS frameworks are awesome

I’ve posted about Bootstrap sometime before but have I told you that it’s not just Bootstrap? There are a bunch more and it’s really great that these have been made because it has made coding more faster than ever.

Gone are the days we’d like to code from scratch (sure, that’s great too but when you’re in a hurry – it isn’t advisable!) And here are more reasons why usage of CSS frameworks would make your life happier.

1. Some also have included jquery libraries and effects – In Bootstrap you can already have a set of javascript and jquery to use for menus, navigations or pop-ups. You can also customize them as you like.

2. You’ll code 50% faster especially once you’ve got the hang of it – classes and ids of different sizes are already prepared for you, all you’d need to do then is to add your classes or div ids with your own styles, you can always overwrite the existing ones as well.

3.  Most CSS frameworks are responsive – Everyday, there’s a new smartphone gadget owner – more are depending on their mobile phones for browsing websites which makes it a must to have a responsive website, so if you don’t want to spend too much time on working hard to create a responsive template, css frameworks make that easier for you with a bit of tweaks you might know 🙂

There are many more reasons to love css frameworks but always remember that when you know and use these css frameworks, you shouldn’t forget about the fundamentals of html and css you know because in the end they are still the most important! is back!

Remember my old post here? At that time, one of my favorite useful websites didn’t renew their domain and many were pretty clueless what happened to them. But yesterday, I got curious and had it a check (since it’s also usable as a proxy website at times – I was checking a website’s propagation)

Viewlike.US at its finest!

Viewlike.US at its finest!

And they’re back with a more awesome website layout! I must say it’s a bit more professional. It makes me wonder if the owner of it changed or it was acquired? Nevertheless, it’s great for those who’ve been missing this website tool – none other than 🙂

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