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Facebook Messenger bugs?

Lately, I’ve been getting repetitive Facebook Messenger issues which are the following:

  • Facebook Messenger keeps on blinking
  • Facebook won’t react, lags and then closes

I can understand the last issue since I have to say that my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might not be the fastest phone that it was and it could be due to new ‘features’ that takes up more ram.

However. for the blinking, I find it really annoying. I do know it could be due to the “My day” feature since everyone updates.

I wish it gets fixed in their next update! It’s annoying to have to re-open my Facebook Messenger all the time, that, or I need a new phone LOL

Twitter was down for a moment.

July 27, 201112:58-12:59 am – Twitter was down for a few minutes eh? Not my first time to see it but it’s been awhile since their recent downtime. I guess this shows that no websites can truly be up 24/7, 100%. Downtime is normal after all. Just awhile ago, even this site’s main host also had some rough time. But we’re back up.

Seeing that it’s so rare for such even I made sure I get a print screen of how twitter looks like midst its downtime.


Twitter is down 12:58 am to 12:59 am (Philippine time) July 27, 2012

Twitter is down 12:58 am to 12:59 am (Philippine time) July 27, 2012

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded!

Sometime earlier, I think something came up. Well, it seems that the 1024 mb that I had for the package hosting plan assigned to this blog was surpassed this month. Good thing I saw it, and now it’s upgraded to 2048 mb.

It’s a wow for me! I guess it’s also because I’ve been updating more than the usual “let it be”. At times like this, it’s so beneficial that I own a reseller hosting account!

I am indeed surprised though because it was unexpected that JQ would exceed over 1024 mb. Anyway, congratulations? Yes? Haha. So much for that, good night then!

Sorry for being random.

So much for my dedicated ips, so much for my happiness that I can relax for days after finally getting graduation stuff done – well, sorry for being random for now.

I’m supposed to be posting NOT-SO-RANDOM-TECH-STUFF here I know but I just can’t contain my madness anymore. My other host, which were I used to host this site, wherein I also purchased LOTS of dedicated IPS just went nuts. And how’d that made me feel? It’s turmoil!

Oh well, what choice do I have. I don’t even bother even if they get to read this. My only problem to where I moved it is that it’s pretty slow, I’ll transfer it later to the other server. My major goal is to make sure my cPanel accounts of my important blogs are okay then I shall move them out. I should look for another host too, seeing as what happened to me isn’t very likable. I assumed everything was-oh-so-fine.

I’ll have to back posts some of my posts, thank you Google and good thing I’ve saved my images here in my net book. It will eat my time though I’m wasting time here again doing this again and again. JUST, REALLY. I CAN’T EVEN..I hate it so much.

I’ll help my clients then later, I’m not so convinced about my other host saying they are restoring accounts. I think they’re just watching our eyes pop out til death of waiting for our sites to be as they were. So much for my plans =( I hope graduation stuff won’t be next week, be moved oh please~!

Still Can’t :(

HEYYAAHH. Finally can access this blog! Not totally though, it’s like how it was with my other blogs I’ve purchased dedi ips recently. I can only access the dashboard and only through my Gnome vps. Hopefully tomorrow it will be accessible because I’ve got some updates to post

For now, I guess I’ll jot things down on my handy-dandy notebook! So, see you soon blog!