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Wave – Easier invoices and financing!

Ever since I started with my small web hosting business, I go on with my invoices manually. I know I should’ve made a system on my own, being I have the background and all – just that, time doesn’t permit me to do so.



Fortunately, I discovered Wave. I remember I discovered it through a shop online (which unfortunately no longer operates, well..)

Wave makes it easier for me to create invoices, even duplicate them when you need to. You can add your business logo as you like and add as much as businesses as well.

I’m not on their pro plan but if you own a big business, it’s a great option to make life easier and managing finances faster.

There may be other options out there but for now I am very satisfied with Wave, it will definitely change many more lives.

Zoho Mail

Still looking for a free mail service? I know, nowadays it’s a bit hard ever since Google Apps and Outlook shut down. Fortunately, there are alternatives such as this one I discovered yesterday – Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail {}

Zoho Mail is another e-mail provider – but not just another because they let you get your own mail service for free for your domain. They’ve got tons of features apart from your free mail service and they’re easy to setup with any registrar (they’ve got detailed instructions on how)

They seem to be the best alternative right now since Google Apps and Outlook free mail service (and apps service) have shutdown. And if you’re a Tumblr or Blogger or Diaryland blog owner, they’re perfect so you can still have an email account even without the cPanel blues and complicated stuff.

What you got to particularly like about Zoho is how detailed their instructions are so you won’t have a hard time setting up your email with their email server.

They’ve also got a lot of features than just your email (pretty much like Google Apps, but wait, there’s so much more!)



Looking for high quality IT services

Today, technology is everywhere in different forms. It could be your smartphone, tablet or maybe your computer. But there’s so much more than these gadgets – so much more because they can do big things through software that run through them. However, the problem is that not everyone know how to manipulate these many of software but fortunately there are companies that give IT services for this purpose.

These IT services can be found everywhere online and offline. One is enterprise information technology and they have many services to check namely:

  • Audio Video Engineering
  • Video Teleconferencing
  • Digital Media
  • Systems Engineering
  • IPv6 Implementation
  • WAN and MAN Engineering
  • LAN Engineering
  • Data Center Engineering
  • Network Management

After all, if you do want the best for your company why not settle for services that can help improve your overall performances – especially because today, knowing technology is everywhere so technology runs almost everything. These are pretty valuable services that some neglect so they end up in troubles.

You can also try outsourcing, but it might be a hassle because known companies are the ones who can truly assist you in your adventure into this tech-world that’s beginning to grow each day. And so one day, you’ll be able to cope up with all these changes.

Using Google Drive with Mac

Cloud Services are sprouting from here and there – which one will you choose? They’re definitely helpful in accessing files and getting storage space. One of the services you might want to try is Google Drive by Google!

Google Drive lets you have free 5 gigabytes of space. It might sound too small for some but it’s definitely hefty for someone who just needs some space for documents, and some use it for accessing files in different computers.

It is available for download in Mac and Windows. You can also access it anytime through your favourite browser. All you need is a Gmail account as usual. It is simply just another awesome Google services!

If you opt to not connect your Google Drive account to your Mac though, you can always disconnect it through clicking its icon on the task bar, clicking on Preferences afterwards and there you go!

Disconnecting Google Drive from Mac

Disconnecting Google Drive from Mac

I decided to share that because I tried to change my Google Drive account connected. It’s simply useful especially to those people who transfer to different computers and might need their files. You can always upgrade if you need more space and there’s Dropbox too and Box!


One of my current favorite applications (for desktop and also mobile) is Evernote. I’ve been wanting to blog about it but always end up not blogging anyway, *chuckles*



Why you should use Evernote?

  • You can write notes anytime, anywhere (well, you need Wifi or Mobile Internet of course which is common these days)
  • You can write notes whether on your smartphone, tablets, net book, laptops and computer.
  • Notes in mentioned gadgets above are synced, so if you make or edit a note via any of them, you can view all changes anywhere as well – in short, it updates.
  • It’s very useful tags that make it easy to track your notes.

I have yet to find out other perks of Evernote, for one, I’m not sure if it has alerts or reminder feature but if it does not I suggest you try Google Calendar anyway since it’s totally free. Evernote comes free as well, but it also has a paid version (an account that is) Other than all these perks, I love green so I liked it. It gives me the feeling of productive. Heh 😛

I first read about it at Lifehacker, and then heard about it again just last year from the boss of where I took my internship. I say, wow. But I was too lazy to try it out again. This time however, I’m certain because it does help in organizing thoughts, ideas and things easily.

You can read more about it at