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Facebook Messenger bugs?

Lately, I’ve been getting repetitive Facebook Messenger issues which are the following:

  • Facebook Messenger keeps on blinking
  • Facebook won’t react, lags and then closes

I can understand the last issue since I have to say that my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might not be the fastest phone that it was and it could be due to new ‘features’ that takes up more ram.

However. for the blinking, I find it really annoying. I do know it could be due to the “My day” feature since everyone updates.

I wish it gets fixed in their next update! It’s annoying to have to re-open my Facebook Messenger all the time, that, or I need a new phone LOL

Google, now under Alphabet Inc.

It was announced that Google is now under another company, named Alphabet Inc. which is also owned by the founder of  Google Inc., Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Although new, Alphabet Inc. owns different brands under it, other than Google.

G is for Google

G is for Google

Google will operate just the same along with its service, so no worries with that if you though about it! Aside from this news, .xyz has also been introduced. Namecheap is currently have it at $1. Not sure if only for today but it would be cool to have a .xyz domain right?

Find out more at

Facebook Song

I think most of us probably have too much Facebook time everyday. Oh come on, admit it!


I think this song says it all. So often we can’t relax in a day without looking into our Facebook profiles or inbox. I wasn’t like this before but in each coming day Facebook becomes my main communicating tool with friends, relatives and many others.

But we should let this control our lives. At some point Facebook can become scary – especially when we rely on it too much. In fact, I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s about time to unwind and forget about Facebook? However, I have many responsibilities to attend to that I am only able to keep through Facebook so…

KakaoTalk Philippines

And so, finally, KakaoTalk is on track with Line and WeChat! I still secretly wish they chose Kim Chiu and Xian Lim as their models though. They’ve chosen Sarah G. as their model.


Along with this introduction to the Philippines, they are also running contests that will win you goodies! Just follow instructions from the welcome message from Event Kakaotalk and you can win Kakaotalk Friends plushies and Kakaotalk anicons.

Their commercial is already out as well, starring Sarah G. and Kpop stars (sorry, not a fan of Kpop stars but they’re apparently Big Bang).

And I can’t seem to get over the cute message and ring tone of Kakaotalk and that it’s finally here in PH after so long!

Get KakaoTalk Now!

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Pod2g Releases a Poll: Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5.1 or wait for iOS 6?

This morning, one of the tweets I was really checking were from Pod2g and I found out he gave out a poll for iOS users through his Blogger blog,

Pod2g's Poll

Pod2g's Poll

So, what is your vote? As for me, because I’ve been dying to restore and re-jailbreak (my iPod’s so laggish lately) I did vote for him to release the jailbreak already. But I guess it is indeed wiser to save it for iOS 6 if it’s just around the corner, but do we really know when iOS 6 will be released? And in anyway, will all iDevices be upgraded to iOS 6? It’s okay if it won’t be released though, unless there’s a way to downgrade to iOS 5.0.1 or restore to it. My main reason for upgrading from iOS 4.3.3 was because I wanted to use iMessage and also try the new features. It would have been great but well, my lag issues!

Anyway, I’ve been following iOS security hackers/researchers because I’ve been watching out for iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak and also been curious about these guys, fascinated too I guess. I wonder if I can follow their steps..probably not. Haha, those geniuses!