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Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is becoming very popular these days, well, true enough it’s been a really good way to keep websites secure.

Let's Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt

Thanks to them, we can make our websites have SSLs, this means more secure browsing especially for shop owners and websites that have money transactions!

Zoho Notebook

Remember my last post about Zoho Mail? Turns out, Zoho Corporation does a lot of other awesome web services – and one of my current favorites from them is the Zoho NotebookAs usual, there’s no catch! It’s 100% free and can be synced to multiple devices for free!

Notebook, Unbound.

Notebook, Unbound.

Okay, TBH I wouldn’t be trying this out if it weren’t for Evernote updating its plans and also limiting their free users with 2 synced devices – I understand not everything free lasts forever, but it was just too much and too shocking. I gotta say though, their prices are pretty much okay for those who are in PH. It’s very hard to look for a note-taking app to replace it seriously but..

That aside, while the Notebook does not have all that Evernote offers, it almost covers most of what you need in a much colorful way. Here is a screenshot:



As you can see, the ‘notes’ or what they refer to as ‘cards’ are colorful. You can group them up, and you can make your check list easily just by checking the little check with square around it (bottom right)

You will love their notebook designs as well! They’re original and meticulously chosen. Rather than the boring green, gray and white this is definitely something. Here are some of those designs I liked in particular.

Notebook Designs

Notebook Designs

Definitely, Notebook is doing good but still needs a lot of improvement!

I decided to start from scratch with Notebook, rather than waiting for their tool to import Evernote Notes. It is said to be in the works already (importer). However, I started from scratch because I wanted it organized and I have tons of notes in my EN (last time I checked, 1000+ or so!!) Some are pretty much unorganized.

Another thing I noticed is that Notebook still has some obvious bugs, such as when syncing. Syncing is not not smooth yet but it does work.

As seen in my screenshot above there are times that a note appears as blank so you’ll have to go in it and re-edit for it to appear. I contacted them regarding this bug and apparently there’s something going on with their server or something..and I could try re-logging in to have it fixed. I did it but same issue appears in both devices I’ve installed it.

Web App please!

One of the main reasons I liked Evernote is because I can access it almost anywhere, even my old tablet (managed to install it via other market apps)

Although this is something they’re working on so we shouldn’t wait too long, I hope! I’m trying to go online my Mac again recently so I hope it will definitely be available soon. Plus, it’s a pain copying tons of text!


Notebook has the probability of replacing Evernote in your life, but not totally. For me it still lacks the following:

  • Web App, Mac App and Windows App
  • Reminders/Setting Dates on your Notes
  • Handwritten Notes/Pen Notes (notes created with your pen stylus, i.e. for SG Note phones)
  • Profile Settings/Account Settings Options (Can’t set a picture for my profile or check my usage data that will display number of notes used, diskspace used etc.)
  • Sharing a Note directly via email (I think sharing a Notebook is possible but not an individual note yet. It’d be cooler if it will provide a link they can access, which I guess can only be possible once Web App is available!)
  • Grouping notes needs improvement, I’m confused how to access my notes separately after making them as a group.

A couple of bugs I have trouble with:

  • As mentioned, with syncing, some notes appear as blank for some reason.
  • Sometimes show cards’/notes’ groups incorrectly (ie. displays them in wrong Notebook). Only experienced this once but I remember reading this as an experience of one user on the reviews in the Google Playstore.

Finally, the things I love:

Notebook favorites features!

Notebook favorites features!

I’m looking forward to what they still have to offer for us users, and I’m pretty sure they’re working on it very hard. Thanks to them, I am slowly trying to shift from my EN account although not totally yet! I still need it for my past notes.

Well, that’s a wrap!

If you wanna try as well, check out Zoho Notebook now!

Google, now under Alphabet Inc.

It was announced that Google is now under another company, named Alphabet Inc. which is also owned by the founder of  Google Inc., Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Although new, Alphabet Inc. owns different brands under it, other than Google.

G is for Google

G is for Google

Google will operate just the same along with its service, so no worries with that if you though about it! Aside from this news, .xyz has also been introduced. Namecheap is currently have it at $1. Not sure if only for today but it would be cool to have a .xyz domain right?

Find out more at

Keep Your Old Phones Out of the Landfill – Trade them In for Cash Instead

If you’re like most people then you probably get a new phone every time you get a new phone contract. In addition, if you’re like the majority of us who get a new phone, your old one immediately goes into the bottom of a sock drawer, never to be seen or heard from again. In fact, a study in America shows that Americans are sitting on some £20.2 billion in unused phones, and statistics point out that while not quite as high in the UK, many people still own a great deal of phones we don’t use. While some of us are proud of our collections of old Nokia’s, ancient Blackberry’s and previous generation smartphones, the rest of just wish we could get rid of them and maybe make some money in the process. Unfortunately, the whole process can be harder than it sounds, as many of us have no idea what to do with a smartphone other than give it away, or maybe throw it in the trash bin. While you could recycle your phone or throw it away, you can also recycle it for cash, to get money that can help you with paying your new phone bill.

What To Expect

The first step is to quite simply decide what you have. Check the number of phones you want to get rid of, check their condition and then write down the make, model, year, and condition on a piece of paper. If the phone is relatively new, you can check to see what it is going for on eBay, where you can get a good idea of the approximate value of an older phone. Just keep in mind that most of the options on eBay are either jail broken, sold for parts, or in almost new condition. Writing down each option, its condition and its age gives you an easy reference for when you’re actually selling your old phone.

Make the Sale

Once you are sure you know what you have to sell, you can take the steps to sell your old phone. As a rule, the less you ask for it, the faster you can get rid of it. Smartphones will sell faster than standard phones, and newer models sell the fastest. You can choose to sell through a number of industries, including person-to-person sales through sites like eBay, direct sales to sites like MusicMagpie and person-to-person sales. The easiest and fastest way to sell an old phone is to offer it to a website that buys phones. They offer slightly less than market value for your phone, but you benefit because you don’t have to worry about waiting for the sale, you don’t have to deal with people and there are no fees. You just drop your old phone in a prepaid envelope and wait for your money to show up. If you want to make sure that you get the maximum value for your phone then prepare to be patient. You will have to make a listing, take photos, and deal with potential scammers while you try to sell your phone. While it does take weeks or months to sell a phone for its MSRP value, you can most likely eventually get that price if you hold out, and if no one else offers a cheaper alternative.

Depending on what kind of phone you have, how quickly you want to sell it, and how much money you need for it, there are a couple of different ways to sell an old phone. Which one you choose is purely up to you.


About the author:

Charles Barley has had many phones over the years, when the time comes that he gets a new one, he always makes sure to seel the old one for as much as possible.

Shopping Online: Avoiding the Christmas Hassle

Nowadays, you can buy many things online – from clothes to gadgets and even food! In fact, you can save more on these rather than the real thing except only if you’re going to have problems with shipping fees.

Shopping time!

What if you can buy things online instead?

For Christmas, you can already buy Sexy Short Dresses online unlike before so it’s not a hassle anymore. It’s very useful especially for Christmas time, the season of gifts. No need to rush to the mall, no need to go on panic buying on Christmas eve. It’s all in the tip of your fingers now. Whomever came up with online shopping is a genius indeed.