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Ready sing, it’s Christmas!

Christmas is about to start, December, here we come! It’s so exciting and also amazing how in one blink, Christmas has come. But are you guys all ready for Christmas?

In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas with all our might most especially during Christmas Eve. Not to miss getting a decent singing microphone for the karaoke marathon! It’s where we sing our hearts out as we enjoy our favorite songs (and even when we’re just trying to have fun)

a time to sing!

a time to sing!

Then there’s the food, the gift…and the families reunited! What more can you ask for this Christmas, really?

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Collecting coins

Up to this day, many might not know but there are still coin collectors. Being a collector is not a joke especially when you’re looking for “rare” items or things – such as with coins, these guys work hard and aim for that “something” may it be golden or silver.

Fortunately, because of the existence of the internet the search for some of those rarities have become easier. Today, silver coins can be found in various online sites that lets you purchase collector coins.

The same goes with other collectors’ items such as with gadgets and anime collections. Definitely, collecting has evolved ever since the times before. While it’s an expensive hobby, in the end what matters is your happy and you’ve finally got that piece of puzzle for your collection.

When not on your computer

Too much computer isn’t a good habit. So why not have other things to keep you busy? There are so much to do in this world! Many things can keep you busy other than the awesome gadgets lying there.

One good example is by spending time creating music with the proper find keyboard stand because it practices your skills with listening and playing music. You might want to try some sports as well, that way, you’re not just sitting lazily all day.

A Better Home

Haven’t been so techy lately as I have been working on my coding skills. But I’ve got thoughts. Why spend so much money on gadgets that always need an upgrade when you can also spend on beautifying your home?

Some of the great home decors I found were at and they look very dreamy. A place wouldn’t feel so homey at all if it looks like some place that isn’t organized nor decorated a bit.

Lovely, isn't it?

Lovely, isn’t it?

However, this kind of hobby needs a lot of saving – just as much with gadgets. Do it every now and then too so you don’t only invest on gadgets but also the place where you stay at 🙂

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and iPad 2

Awhile ago, we were about to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 (I’m not sure if it’s Plus but most probably) I was still undecided with what I really want but truthfully, my first choice was an iPad 2 with 3G.

And because I don’t want to feel more torn because I am excited (perhaps, VERY) I decided to just research so I will come to one decision which I will not regret (hopefully)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, is another of Samsung’s Android Tablets available in the market. I was able to give it a try because of a kind salesman at that Cyberzone (SM Megamall) shop we stopped by but I forgot its name.


Form Factor

  • Touchscreen, Tablet

  • Front Camera: 1.3 Megapixel
  • Rear Camera: 3.0 Megapixel Auto Focus with Flash
  • Features: 3x Digital Zoom, Auto Focus, Shot Modes, Smile Shot, Geo-tagging, Editing Modes, Camcorder, Video Share, Online Image Uploading
Dimensions (W x H x D)

  • 4.74 x 7.48 x 0.47 inches

  • 13.58 ounces

  • Lithium Ion, 4000 mAh

  • RAM: 592MB, ROM: 2GB
  • Up to 32GB Expandable Memory (microSD™)
  • 16GB microSD™ Card Included

  • CDMA 1900/800 EVDO Rev A

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity

  • C110, 1GHz, Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application

  • 7.0″ WSVGA
  • 600 x 1024 Pixel Display Resolution
  • 3.54″ x 6.05″ Display Size
  • 16M TFT
User Interface

  • Widgets, Social Hub, Smart Unlock, Accelerometer, Bilingual: Spanish/English

  • Music Player, Compatible Music Files: AAC, AMR, imelody, MIDI, MP3, WAV

  • Video Player, Video Streaming, Compatible Video Files: 3GP, AAC, AAC+, AMR, AVI, H.263, H.264, MP4, MPEG4, QCIF, WMV
Fun and Entertainment

  • Downloadable Content, Animated Wallpapers, Widget Gallery, Media Hub
Business and Office

  • Microsoft® OfficeCompatible, Smart Search
Messaging Options

  • Email, Corporate Email, Picture Messaging, Text Messaging, Instant Messaging, Threaded/ChatStyle, Video Messaging, Swype™, Predictive Text XT9®

The specs aren’t very bad if you ask me. I was told it was already Dual Core plus it really is slim as told. The touch screen UI is almost with the same with Apple’s except it’s very much like my Samsung Galaxy Mini (of course, it’s an Android). The stock ROM of the one shown to me is Honeycomb (I was not able to ask if it was upgradable). It’s very light as well. Not very big too plus it’s usable with Skype. It can also browse with 3G. Google Playstore is always there if you wish to download applications.

However, it against iPad 2, of course there are more fun things with the iPad. But then again, why not? The price range is not very far from each other. iPad 2 (Wifi only) costs around 19,000 PHP to 20,000 PHP. While it’s price as told to us was 21,000 (monthly) and if cash 18,000 PHP. My only concern is that iOS gadgets have more applications and I find rooting and changing ROMS quite a hassle plus iPad’s memory is hassle free as well.

Would you go for a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad 2?