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V-day Gift!

Valentine’s day is here! It’s the perfect time to make use of the internet’s greatest power – shopping online!

For starters, checking out the wwbw has gibson j 200 is a neat idea if your special someone (or friend) is into music and has been looking into getting a new music buddy!

Fortunately the internet gives us a lot of choices when it comes to gifts, always there to the rescue if we’re still stuck in front of our work desks! Yeah!

Ready sing, it’s Christmas!

Christmas is about to start, December, here we come! It’s so exciting and also amazing how in one blink, Christmas has come. But are you guys all ready for Christmas?

In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas with all our might most especially during Christmas Eve. Not to miss getting a decent singing microphone for the karaoke marathon! It’s where we sing our hearts out as we enjoy our favorite songs (and even when we’re just trying to have fun)

a time to sing!

a time to sing!

Then there’s the food, the gift…and the families reunited! What more can you ask for this Christmas, really?

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Giving Tuesday

I missed the very much awaited Black Friday and Cyber Monday deliberately so I could skip on extra expenses, not that they’re bad (well they are, but a part of me is also sad that I missed quite some sale!) So I was wondering if there was another sort of event like those that will be happening within this week. Well, unfortunately, such day doesn’t exist but something else better does and it’s called “Giving Tuesday”

However, Giving Tuesday is more of a “charitable” day than that of sales. It’s more for a heart matter than shopping matter! So it’s not that all bad.

Give and love!

Give and love!

It’s actually in time for Christmas as Christmas is all about giving gifts, most of all, sharing love!

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Magnets are cool

Is anyone close having a birthday soon? Well, that means you have to prepare a gift right?

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered – why not check the magnetic bracelets online!

These are really unique that would make your friend or someone special feel extra remembered and feel more “magnetized” to you. So what are you waiting for? Click that buy button now and get that gift shipped to your doorstep!

It can be Christmas all the time.

Of all seasons and events in a year, most will probably say Christmas is the best! Though your own birthday, Valentine’s and other kind of events that exists in this world, you can’t deny that the love during Christmas time is overflowing. It’s not just for the gifts but the warmness you can feel during that day.

However, like all other seasons, it only comes in a month and that month is always the last month of the year. Fortunately, dept 56 christmas in the city can bring it to you!

Yep! Christmas all the time is possible, especially if you make it so.