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Ready sing, it’s Christmas!

Christmas is about to start, December, here we come! It’s so exciting and also amazing how in one blink, Christmas has come. But are you guys all ready for Christmas?

In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas with all our might most especially during Christmas Eve. Not to miss getting a decent singing microphone for the karaoke marathon! It’s where we sing our hearts out as we enjoy our favorite songs (and even when we’re just trying to have fun)

a time to sing!

a time to sing!

Then there’s the food, the gift…and the families reunited! What more can you ask for this Christmas, really?

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Giving Tuesday

I missed the very much awaited Black Friday and Cyber Monday deliberately so I could skip on extra expenses, not that they’re bad (well they are, but a part of me is also sad that I missed quite some sale!) So I was wondering if there was another sort of event like those that will be happening within this week. Well, unfortunately, such day doesn’t exist but something else better does and it’s called “Giving Tuesday”

However, Giving Tuesday is more of a “charitable” day than that of sales. It’s more for a heart matter than shopping matter! So it’s not that all bad.

Give and love!

Give and love!

It’s actually in time for Christmas as Christmas is all about giving gifts, most of all, sharing love!

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Christmas Preparations

Time for Christmas preparations, Christmas is just a few days away. Aren’t you excited? Some are very excited indeed that they’ve already tried to go to Overnight Prints for printing services. After all, printing Christmas promos on time is a must!

Christmas Sales, Christmas Prints, Everywhere!

Christmas Sales, Christmas Prints, Everywhere!

However, looking for the nearest worthy printing service isn’t an easy task especially when you’re a busy person. It’s worth checking out what’s near you that’s worth the price and effort to go to.


Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s day coming near, have you already bought a gift for your dads? No? Me either, and to tell you honestly I’m still clueless of what to get.

Some are vouching that buy cigars might be ideal. Or maybe something techie or something used for cars or so.

Well, it all depends on what your dads’ hobbies are. I hope you find something and so do I. Advance happy father’s day to all dads in the world!

Christmas means music

Do you hear what I hear? It’s Christmas time! Anyway, “Do you hear what I hear” is indeed a Christmas song written in October 1962 with lyrics by Noël Regney. Are you familiar with that song?

Christmas time means lots of Christmas songs playing everyday. It’s definitely going to bring you lots of “giggly feelings” when you hear them.

Instead of listening, why not join too? After all, Christmas means music so getting worked up for a music session with a yamaha clarinet at wwbw and friends would be awesome, won’t it?

And so soon, Christmas day will be coming. Families will gather and we will celebrate God’s birthday. It’s not the gift we should just be excited of, it’s Christmas day – let us look forward that wonderful day that Jesus came to earth and that our families are altogether.