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Prynt: Turn your smartphone into a camera

Back in the day, Polaroid and similar cameras were very hot due to its amazing capacity to print out photos right away.

Today, we have instances like this with the use of Instax cameras produced by Fujifilm but here’s the newest next thing that can do the same – Prynt.

People still long to have photos that are tangible and Prynt aims to be the new era of photography.


All you have to do is plug the Prynt device to your phone and you’re ready to print photos you’ve taken with your phone camera! It serves as a casing too so your camera easily transform into your photo printing buddy!

Overall, Prynt is amazing because with smartphones, you will be able to capture your photos with precision and have them printed out when you want to, anytime, anywhere!

More details of this awesome tool here

The Apple Watch

It’s both nice and scary to know how technology has evolved through the last few years with the boom of smartphones. And just recently, Apple announced their “Apple Watch”. While it looks promising, different people and tech experts are diverted with their different opinions. What are your thoughts?

Credits to for image

Credits to for image

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Not too long ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was released. Then, it was followed by the Samsung Galaxy S5. While these two don’t have that much of differences, aren’t you wondering if it’s the same with Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

(c) trustedreviews, not actual picture of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

(c) trustedreviews, not actual picture of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is quite known for the good performance. However, Samsung Galaxy S5 remains more “easy to bring around”. It also has more new features which weren’t introduced before but some have already tried porting the Samsung Galaxy S5 rom to Samsung Galaxy Note 4. What the new version has to offer, no one exactly knows but many are looking forward to it.

Energy-Generating Shoes

In the Philippines, not everyone are really fortunate to afford continuous electricity. Most live in poverty and with the little earnings they have everyday, they don’t really have a choice but to choose what’s more important, in this case, food and water.

However, a 15 year old boy from the Philippines have awed many with his ‘invention’. Energy Generating Shoes – interesting isn’t it?

It’s good to know such discoveries are being made and I hope that the government will support young minds like these.

Secure with your camera

Nowadays, crimes are everywhere and uncontrolled. We can’t really do much about it because some are not too fortunate in life that they are able to do these things.

However, with the Best Trail Camera there’s a big chance that this can be avoided. We can be more secure and safe with these gadgets.

Browning Strike Force

Browning Strike Force


We can find out now what’s going on through the cameras we will install and voila! No more worries.