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Prynt: Turn your smartphone into a camera

Back in the day, Polaroid and similar cameras were very hot due to its amazing capacity to print out photos right away.

Today, we have instances like this with the use of Instax cameras produced by Fujifilm but here’s the newest next thing that can do the same – Prynt.

People still long to have photos that are tangible and Prynt aims to be the new era of photography.


All you have to do is plug the Prynt device to your phone and you’re ready to print photos you’ve taken with your phone camera! It serves as a casing too so your camera easily transform into your photo printing buddy!

Overall, Prynt is amazing because with smartphones, you will be able to capture your photos with precision and have them printed out when you want to, anytime, anywhere!

More details of this awesome tool here

Choosing your DSLR Camera

Choosing your DLSR camera is not easy especially if you’re just starting. But here are some ideas you might want in doing so:

  • Know what you’re going to use it for (is it just for hobby or business?)
  • Estimate your budget, whether you’re to pay in a whole or monthly.
  • Read/Watch reviews and ask people you know who can give their thoughts regarding the DSLR
  • Start with the basic (it’s not so bad to find out first how things work first with the basics)

Learning the basics are the best suggestion, you don’t really need a high end camera all at once. Whatever you decide, it will always be fun taking pictures of everything you like and love!