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Blackberry 9790

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Blackberry 9790

Blackberry 9790

December 24, 2011 My mom and dad bought me my first Blackberry phone (and probably the last, for now!) It’s a Blackberry 9790 which has been just released.

I was actually planning to buy a Blackberry 9360 but when we got to the store that dad told us about, next to it was Blackberry 9790 with better specs. Since their price difference wasn’t big and plus we thought, why not because it’s better – we decided to go for it instead.

Here is a short information about it from BBmanila:

The BlackBerry Bold 9790 packs the BlackBerry 7 OS, runs with a 1GHz MG1 Marvel Tavor processor coupled with 768MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage for all your music, videos and files. BlackBerry Bold 9790 will also support 32GB micro SD cards, has a 2.45″ capacitive touch VGA touch screen display with 246 dpi resolution.


It’s awesome! Haven’t used it much yet. The only thing I don’t like is that the battery runs out fast (or it could be maybe, because I’m using it all the time for now, downloading and tweeting) It’s also touchscreen which was surprising because I thought it was just a QWERTY. You see, the phone is not officially available in our country (I believe) yet (I’m in Thailand right now). I did see a post about it from Techpinas.

Another thing is that it’s in line with the Bold Series of Blackberry units, I expected I’d get a Curve but I got a better one! Yay!

I haven’t found themes though, I’m not sure if the ones I found from NancyDrewThemes a friend told me about would work with it because they’re for OS6 while it’s OS7. I’m not ready to brick my phone yet lol I mean, try too many stuffs. For now I’m pretty happy, using Kik messenger with my boyfriend who’s using my Samsung Galaxy Mini that I left him in Philippines.

Blackberry 9790 also has a good camera! I almost forgot, it’s 5 mega pixels and it also has face detection. Superb! I hope I’ll learn more things about Blackberry OS after some time 😉


RR says:

How come I can’t download Kik for my Blackberry 9790. It says my phone isn’t supported. 🙁

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