Alexa Rank Drop :(

First of all, yay because this is my 60th post here! But it’s sad because when I checked WHO.IS, I found out my Alexa Rank dropped instead of increasing (meaning, it got high when it’s supposed to go down). But I could tell why. It used to be already by 2M now it’s back to 3M+ :(

I was too busy with other things and errands that I was not able to update in time. I will make up for it soon, hopefully, later when I wake up because I just updated another blog of mine and it made me kinda sleepy (plus because I also updated its theme)

I have already prepared some tutorials I will share to you guys within the following days, and then some “make up posts” for the days in February that I have not posted.

I will also be going to sign up for Networkedblogs then hopefully to Adgitize. I’ve been planning to use it since December but I keep on forgetting, plus because I don’t know how it works.

By March 15th onwards, I’ll probably be able to focus here and my blogs. Wish me luck guys! I miss blogging here. So much. And then also my anime/gaming blog :(

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