The name’s Nadine, but you can call me “Dine” (pronounced as “Din).

I own many blogs and have been blogging since 2007-2008’s.

I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. 


JustQuixotic.Com was purchased from Godaddy Domains during a $0.99 sale. From finding the synonym of “Crazy” I found “Quixotic”, and there you have it.

Why JustQuixotic?

JustQuixotic combined from words “just” and “quixotic” simply means, just crazy because everyone just gets crazy thoughts every now and then. Thus, this blog serves to me as a box of my thoughts popping out here and there.

What is it about?

It’s about the power of blogging, technology,gadgets and the world wide web with a little sprinkle of my own experiences and life stories.