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When you’re sad

What do you do when you’re sad?

When I am, I don’t really want to do anything. Sometimes, I end up sleeping all day, I get stressed over little things – the house chores I need to do, the things I need to do..

Sometimes I know and understand it’s because I tend to be emotional. At times, I listen to good music too because it somehow helps me.

With mopho x4 and music it lessens a bit, at least, just a little.

Wave – Easier invoices and financing!

Ever since I started with my small web hosting business, I go on with my invoices manually. I know I should’ve made a system on my own, being I have the background and all – just that, time doesn’t permit me to do so.



Fortunately, I discovered Wave. I remember I discovered it through a shop online (which unfortunately no longer operates, well..)

Wave makes it easier for me to create invoices, even duplicate them when you need to. You can add your business logo as you like and add as much as businesses as well.

I’m not on their pro plan but if you own a big business, it’s a great option to make life easier and managing finances faster.

There may be other options out there but for now I am very satisfied with Wave, it will definitely change many more lives.

Music of your life

Ever wondered how life would be if we had a background sound for every moment? I’d feel awkward but it could also make me feel upbeat I guess!

This is how it goes with Sims games. While it sounds weird, having the gutiars or guitar played on background with some melancholic song whenever you’re sad seems very powerful in a way.

However, my theory is that if this is true it might feel more emotional due to the song or music being played. Either way, that’s definitely something different to experience!

Facebook Messenger bugs?

Lately, I’ve been getting repetitive Facebook Messenger issues which are the following:

  • Facebook Messenger keeps on blinking
  • Facebook won’t react, lags and then closes

I can understand the last issue since I have to say that my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might not be the fastest phone that it was and it could be due to new ‘features’ that takes up more ram.

However. for the blinking, I find it really annoying. I do know it could be due to the “My day” feature since everyone updates.

I wish it gets fixed in their next update! It’s annoying to have to re-open my Facebook Messenger all the time, that, or I need a new phone LOL

V-day Gift!

Valentine’s day is here! It’s the perfect time to make use of the internet’s greatest power – shopping online!

For starters, checking out the wwbw has gibson j 200 is a neat idea if your special someone (or friend) is into music and has been looking into getting a new music buddy!

Fortunately the internet gives us a lot of choices when it comes to gifts, always there to the rescue if we’re still stuck in front of our work desks! Yeah!